Gender Equality & Disability Inclusion Review

The Gender Equality and Disability Inclusion (GEDI) Review was commissioned by DFAT Vientiane Post as a unique cross cutting initiative to examine and improve performance and management of Australia’s investments in Laos PDR.


It provides a synthesis of what and how Australia is working to achieve gender equality and disability inclusion across nine investments in Laos PDR. The synthesis draws on existing literature relevant to these nine investments and identifies: activities responding to GEDI; the geographical location of GEDI initiatives; stakeholders engaged in achieving GEDI; current resources supporting GEDI activities; results and progress towards achieving GEDI from 2015 to 2017 and the strength of current evidence for GEDI results. Recommendations to enhance the evidence-base of GEDI investments in Lao PDR are offered at the end of the paper. DFAT provided a management response to the Review, which is currently under implementation.


Also included is the LADLF produced GEDI Factsheet highlighting the findings of the above.