Laurent deSchoutheete

LADLF Director

Laurent is a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) specialist with extensive experience supporting aid agencies and their implementing partners understanding the performance of their investments and making strategic and operational decisions accordingly. He has designed and operated performance assessment systems for a range of large-scale aid programs, conducted numerous strategic and programatic reviews and evaluation studies, and contributed to the design of several aid investments and strategies. Laurent has worked across different sectors (education, governance, infrastructure, law & justice) mostly in the Africa, Asia and Pacific regions.

Laurent joined LADLF as the Facility Director in February 2017. He currently leads the work of LADLF and works closely with the Australian Embassy in Laos to understand the performance of its aid investments, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their delivery, and ultimately increase the impact on targeted beneficiaries.


Sengchan Phachoomphon

Finance and Administration Manager

Sengchan or Seng is a finance professional and technical experience in a vast array of positions. She has spent time in non-governmental sectors working for various INGOs.

She joined LADLF in October 2019 as Seng has managed teams and projects of all sizes


Kaoru Yamagiwa

Research and Evaluation Adviser

Kay has managed a wide range of development programs/projects including women’s rights and economic empowerment, community/rural development, and post-conflict recovery for over 15 years. Her management experience varies from the implementation of a large scale post-conflict program to the development of a strategic plan for income generation, and advocacy work for women’s rights. She has carried out several types of research and assessments on gender equality. Most of her work is in South East Asia, South Asia, Africa, and the Balkans.

Kay joined LADLF as the Research and Evaluation Advisor in January 2020. She leads the evaluation and survey related work and conducts researches to contribute towards DFAT’s implementation of effective aid programs. 


Hannah Lee

Gender Equality and Disability Inclusion Specialist

Hannah (MPH) has worked in SouthEast Asia for over 10 years specialising in gender justice, specifically on gender-based violence and women’s health issues.  Her experience is centered on gender and health technical support and capacity strengthening to programs and staff.  She has led national and regional research in the Mekong, managed a regional initiative on women migrants’ access to safe work, and provided organizational capacity strengthening to nascent civil society organisations focused on HIV care and support.  Through her experience, Hannah has worked closely with government, international agencies and local community based groups.   


As the LADLF Gender Equality and Disability Inclusion (GEDI) specialist, Hannah leads LADLF's GEDI activities, strengthens the GEDI capacity of DFAT and implementing partners, and provides quality assurance and support to relevant LADLF analytical work and studies.

Adam Smith International logo_transparen

Adam Smith International

Managing Contractor

Adam Smith International (ASI) is an award-winning professional services business that delivers real impact, value and lasting change through projects supporting economic growth and government reform internationally. As one of the world’s largest specialist international development companies, we are dedicated to the successful delivery of foreign aid programs.


We have managed programs across 45 countries for 27 clients, and our reputation as a global leader has been built on the positive results our projects have achieved in many of the world’s most challenging environments. ASI has proudly managed the LADLF with DFAT since its inception in January 2014.