LADLF provides a one-stop shop for performance management issues related to DFAT aid investments in Laos PDR. The facility  implements a range of activities to assess the performance of these investments, with a view to improve their effectiveness, efficiency and impact.

These activities target program-wide, sector-wide and individual investments, and are designed in a way to maximise the uptake and utilisation of performance information into DFAT decision-making processes. They include reviews of M&E systems and reporting products of individual investments, independent reviews and impact evaluations of individual investments, thematic assessment of Australia’s Aid Investment Plan (AIP), and development of performance assessment protocols and reports for the AIP.

Examples of activities include an evaluation of BEQUAL's District Operating Grants initiative, the revision of the AIP's Performance Assessment Framework (PAF), and the Review of the AIP Gender Equality and Disability Inclusion (GEDI) Performance. See our publications for more information.